If extroversion had a musical embodiment, it would be in the sounds and rhythms of Brooklyn newcomers LEGS. Blending modern indie pop with Stax-worthy hooks, they are a mobile cauldron of everything retro and cosmopolitan. LEGS was formed in 2013 by Seattle-based Tito Ramsey, his brother Jack, their childhood friend Charles Larson, and Ecuadorian brothers Juan Miguel and Herman Marin.

Their self-titled EP attracted early press when their single “So Obvious” was featured in the 2014 film Obvious Child, starring Jenny Slate and David Cross. Pitchfork ranked the Obvious Child soundtrack as one of the top six of the summer.

Produced by Nick Stumpf (Caveman, Coke Weed) and tracked in Quito, Ecuador, their debut album, Altitud (self-released on April 2015), represents a cohesive statement of collective musical vision developed over two years of touring and recording. At moments, the songs veer into asymmetrical art-rock, with rises and falls that nod to Stop Making Sense. At others, they swing unapologetically into the great tradition of disco, with tishy hi-hats and soaring synth pads.

Wear your dancing shoes.

LEGS is 100% guaranteed to make you feel athletic, kinetic, sexy, benevolent, cosmopolitan, declamator, exotic, extroverted, hungry, naive, nocturnal, and possibly wry.

Past shows have brought them to Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil and Portoviejo (Ecuador), BRIC Arts Media in Brooklyn, The Wassaic Project in Upstate NY, Doe Bay Festival in the San Juan Islands, CMJ in New York, Timbrrr Winter Music Festival in Washington State, and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in the Berkshires. During Fall of 2015 LEGS toured the Pacific North West, with stops in Tacoma, Seattle, Indianola, Yakima, and Olympia. The summer of 2016 was occupied by a week-long tour in Ecuador. And in November 2016, LEGS performed at El Descanso (Outdoor Music Festival), in Cuenca.

LEGS has shared the stage with acts such as Los Amigos Invisibles, Midnight Magic, Rubblebucket, Leisure Cruise, Cody Chesnutt, Erica Esso, Sisters, La Máquina Camaleón, Superhuman Happiness, amongst many other.


Vocals, keyborads / Tito Ramsey

Keyboard / Jack Ramsey

Guitar / Charles Larson

Drums / Juan Miguel Marin

Bass / Herman Marin



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