Music Video "Buddies"

The premise for this video is quite simple:  “Let’s capture Tito’s last ride around Brooklyn the night before he moves back to Seattle”. No expectations, no predetermined route, no landmarks, but rather a humble tour around the Brooklyn we came to know as a working band.

An unforeseeable (but desired) rainy night set the most appropriate mood for the ride. A sense of nostalgia and transition flooded the frame. Through Tito’s eyes we all reminisce about LEGS’ journey thus far, and what the future has in store for us.

The video was directed and edited by our very own Juan Miguel Marin, and Shot by Rafael Salazar Moreno in just a few takes. A simple flashlight moving against the camera lens was the only trick we had in our hands, and we let the rest unfold as we rode around our Brooklyn.

Herman MarinComment